Blood, Sweat, and Mayonnaise

equals triumph! In my humble little world anyway. Today was the first time I attempted to make “traditional” or “classic” potato salad. And by that I mean potatoes, mayonnaise, hard-boiled eggs, onions, and other “ruffage.” You know the kind. The kind that sends mayonnaise-haters running. The kind that squishes as you mix it. The kind that tastes so gloriously wonderful – like summer, family, and picnics. That kind of potato salad.

I’d like to say I used my grandma’s recipe, but it was more like she told me the ingredients that go in the salad and I got to figure out the measurements myself. That kind of recipe. But, it was so fun! I loved having to figure out the right amounts myself. Y’know, in the end – after all the measurements turned out to be correct and I didn’t have to sacrifice anymore blood, sweat, or tears, or spill copious amounts of mayonnaise on the floor… After those kinds of things, it was so fun… Trial and error. Food as failure turned into food as success.

Today, food was success. And it was glorious.

I’d like to add pictures later. There are some fun ones. And I’d like to elaborate on my failures today. Can’t stack potatoes. Can’t keep mayonnaise off the floor. Can’t hard-boil eggs. Those kinds of things. And my eventual success. Sorry I’m gushing – I’m just really excited it turned out well. I mean, who’d of thunk to put pimentos into potato salad? And no acid? Sometimes you just gotta listen to Grandma…

Tomorrow, the sequel: Mayonnaise, Sweat, and Tears. A little more accurate – I just couldn’t decide which title I liked better. It is after 1a.m. after all.

Disclaimer: No actual blood was used in the making of the potato salad. At least not intentionally…


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