Yet another Sunday night dinner, or, rather, an ode to pancetta?

So it seems that Sunday night dinners are becoming somewhat of a unspoken tradition in my family and friends circle.  Haha, now I sound like a cell phone company commercial. Anyway, I digress. So, Sunday night dinners.

Well, tonight we made ravioli with arrabiata sauce for family and friends. I feel compelled to write about this dinner and it will become abundantly clear once you hear the menu. So without further adieu … Pancetta and white cheddar stuffed ravioli. DEEP. FRIED. Oh, sorry, I forgot something – breaded and then deep fried. Amazing. In all of its heart-clogging glory. French bread was also baked. And very softened butter was put out as its accompaniment – although, if you ask me, why not just eat butter? Butter is SO good unaccompanied. Oh, wait – should I not admit that I willingly and happily eat butter… sometimes with a fork… just out of the butter dish that is provided at restaurants to accompany the bread? Is that in bad taste? No… I know it’s in good, very good, in fact, taste. But maybe just… gluttonous? Horrifying? Great? Amazing!? Yeah, those last two sound about right.

Anyway, crushed garlic also went into the ravioli filling. Garlic makes everything better. The first time I cook garlic with chocolate I will post about the scientific evidence (my ideas about how glorious it tasted – that counts, right?).

I’m sitting here – my stomach feeling like it’s on the verge of feeling (or acting) uneasy, the pancetta fat lubing my mouth and stomach. I couldn’t resist. I just had another couple bites of the uncooked (no, no, the pancetta was cooked before it was mixed with the cheese and garlic for the filling – like I would eat raw meat!?) filling. Sure it’s been sitting out for a couple hours now. Sure I was already more than happily full. Sure it’s late at night. But…pancetta. Do you know how glorious the stuff is? More than palette pleasing, it gives my palette a reason to keep tasting – a reason to allow the occasional bad french fry, bland pasta, artifical tasting *insert almost any packaged food here*, water, and other unsavory (haha!) food stuffs. Pancetta, my palette’s reason for tasting. Well, and garlic. Oh, and butter, of course. Duh! Although cooking garlic and onions may be why my nose deals with well, I’m sure y’all can come with a variety of great ideas here. But you get the point.

Honestly, I think the filling is better sans ravioli as you can’t (or at least I really can’t) taste the white cheddar in the cooked ravioli. I feel each flavor is better savored and deciphered in the filling when it stands alone. And I actually, being the difficult person I am, had my ravioli boiled, rather than fried, for my main course, as the fried ravioli seemed more like appetizers to me – which that would make great ones at that!

Bread, butter, and that pancetta filling – and, of course, the arrabiata on the side – as my vegetable – is just about all this girl needs. To clog my arteries, you say? Nah, to give my senses a reason to survive.

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