Weekend o’ Finals

Yes, you’re right, finals might seem like an odd segue into food. But, really, when you think about it food is an integral part of finals. Just think, where would finals week be without pizza, fast food, chips, sweets, really all kinds of fast food and unhealthy foods, general bingeing and/or random eating habits, and, of course, caffeine? Finals just wouldn’t be the same without these foodstuffs.

So, yes, I did have my Domino’s pizza and cheesy breadsticks (OMFG are those good!), but I also decided to get a little more creative. Hows ’bouts a spaghetti sandwich? I thought about it and that must be one of the ultimate comfort foods. Regular old white bread, butter, and spaghetti with red sauce. I remember my dad telling me of getting these as a kid. Sounds good to me. So I broke out my white bread (sadly no Wonder, or my favorite as a little kiddo, Weber), but white bread nonetheless. And why not put a little garlic powder on those buttered (and toasted as it was a rainy day and I also thought it would help with soaking up the sauced pasta) pieces of bread. Spaghetti and garlic bread – pretty good representation of comfort food me thinks. Nothing too pretty or polished or gourmet, but definitely, and most importantly, super tasty and comforting – and quick; just what finals week requires.

That was Friday afternoon. Come Saturday night I was a bit tired of the Domino’s and I had a random craving for latkes and sour cream – although I’d never had honest-to-goodness latkes – and to cook. This would prove interesting in trying to make them, but make them I did. Or at least the closest thing to good latkes I could do at the time. I expected them to taste more like hash brown cakes, but they did not. That actually made me happy because more often than not I have a weird aversion to breakfast for dinner. I thought they were rather tasty alone and with the sour cream. They also went rather well with ‘Saturday Night Live;’ and in case you’re interested, Taylor Lautner a.k.a. Jacob hosted.

Yes, some of them got a little burned.

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