Christmas Day 2009

Well, clearly, I have to write about Christmas Day, too, as two posts about the holiday aren’t enough. I’ll keep this one short and sweet (and savory). :) Promise – Girl Scout’s honor.

This Christmas, as is usual now, I was requested to bring “the” green beans. In case you are new, “the” green beans are green beans with bacon and garlic. Bacon. Garlic. What more do you need? ;) Oh, well, I guess the green beans, but I could probably just eat the bacon and garlic. The green beans just give the illusion that you’re eating something good for you. ;) Well, “the” green beans are good for you – good for your soul. Maybe just not the arteries so much – which is why they’re special occassion beans. Okay, I digress – as usual. So, we had me on the beans, my grandma was making a pork loin roast stuffed with cloves, yes, cloves, of garlic and roasted potatoes – as usual – and my aunt was making candied yams (sweet potatoes) and a ham, while another aunt was making a salad. My ham and yam aunt also brought some baked beans. O.M.G. were these baked beans yummy. So sweet, savory, and spicy. They had a lovely warmth and smokiness to them. Turns out the smokiness came from chipotle peppers in adobo, no meat. Nice touch. They were, however, just a tad spicy, BUT super, super yummy. She said they were a recipe from the Yard House.

My (not so full anymore) plate. :)

After our main feast, of course, the dessert feast took place. I don’t even know if I can remember everything that was on the table. Yes, we had a whole dessert table. Well, we usually do, so nothing too new about that. I brought the biscotti and fudge, there were more biscotti, a variety of other cookies, a chocolate cake I think, maybe some pie? And one of my aunts, who always brings a cookie platter, did so again. It truly wouldn’t be Christmas without her cookie plate. And for the past few years, she’s been giving out little “goodie bags” filled with her goodies. I LOVE it. Church stained glass windows – chocolate, marshmallows, and coconut, seven layer bars, and these chocolate peanut butter bar things are my favorites. I’ve resolved to learn how to make the first two, and this year I finally did made the church stained glass windows – but that’s another post. :P

My favorite part of Christmas this year – aside, of course, from being with my family :) – was when I asked my aunt who made the wonderful baked beans if I could take the leftovers home and she then asked if she could take my green beans home. Bean exchange = yay! :D She then sent me the recipe – and I wasn’t the only one. I’ve yet to make them, but it will have to happen soon.


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