Church Stained Glass Windows

Okay, so your first question might be what do stained glass windows in churches have to do with me liking food? Well, let me tell you. If you read my previous Christmas posts, then you probably know. But if you haven’t…

Every Christmas for as long as I can remember – seriously, I mean going back to tot days – one of my aunts has made a cookie platter. There were always these lovely chocolate confections that I adored. Basically, it was like a chocolate candy bar filled with flavored marshmallows (neon, pastel marshmallows to be exact – not entirely sure of their flavor other than faint citrus) topped with coconut. I LOVED these things. So last year, or the year before, I finally decided to ask her what they were, how to make them, etc. She told me they were called church stained glass windows and they were SUPER easy to make. Were they? She said you melt chocolate and butter, fold in the marshmallows, put the coconut on a piece of parchment or wax paper, form a log – wait, I thought this was supposed to be easy? – and roll the log up in the coconut-dusted parchment paper. Hmm…this wasn’t sounding too easy. Especially that rolling part. So I checked out some recipes online. Same method. Hmm…

So I finally decided to go for it. And here it is…

Really? This is supposed to work?

Are you sure?

You're positive about this, you say?

Whoa, this actually seems to be working.

Huh. Look at that. Now it's time for the fridge.

Messy, but still looks promising.

Huzzah! I think it worked!

It did, it did!!

And that’s the story of the church stained glass windows. :D Now time to nom on them – even in all of their log-form glory haha. :D Oh! I should mention – I actually thought they tasted more like my aunt’s – and better, too – after a day or two. Just food for thought. :)


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